Why We Fight

In his “freedom” blog, Rob Cunningham reminds what is at stake in this dangerous game of power redistribution within government. Earlier this week there was a widely reported poll that showed just how low the numbers for the Obama administration have fallen, with his presidency now characterized as the worst since the second World War.

But public opinion is fickle, and it is much too soon to call this the judgment of history. On the other hand, and in a manner that will be noted and long remembered by history, the President’s adherence to the rule of law has been definitively judged, and by those we honor as the best at this craft. From Rob’s article we read the startling judgment:

“Over the last eighteen (18) months, the US Supreme Court has, thirteen (13) times, unanimously (9-0) struck down President Obama for violating the US Constitution. Thirteen (13) times, the US Supreme Court has declared Obama’s unilateral executive orders to be flat-out unconstitutional.”

Read more, on this day we cherish as the birth of our national liberty, and take heart that America has the will to make our tomorrows the “best days of our lives”. Happy Birth Of Liberty Day, America!


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James is an IT consultant and solutions architect with decades of experience working on various major projects with Fortune 500 companies. He is also an author and editor for DecidingTheVote.com, a blog forum for politically active citizens and professionals.

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