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Unionism in America has a long and storied history. Despite its having lost adherents over the past two generations American unions can be seen as bullish on their future prospects. The current administration is favorable towards unionism as is the Democrat party, generally. It is incumbent on the citizen to familiarize themselves with the plans and beliefs of the unions, as well as for all other major power brokers in America.

This weekly review captures the social media discussion at a point in time. It is the intent of the author not to offer his opinion but to simply report these discussions as they occur, and to offer pointers to important trends and relationships found within them. Four Twitter accounts are tracked for purposes of this review. These results are captured in the Union Watch report linked below.

There are four important trends I am reporting on in this week’s discussion:

1) #Fast4Families – This hashtag is referenced 14 times by both SEIU and AFL-CIO in their discussions. The purpose of the fasters is to bring attention to immigration reform issues and to catalyze the Congress to address this issue in the current year.

2) #WalmartStrikers – This hashtag is referenced 9 times by both the Jobs With Justice organization and the Teamsters. This organizes effort is supported by the United Food and Commercial Workers union (UFCW) and seeks to, in its words: “Making Change at Walmart is a campaign challenging Walmart to help rebuild our economy and strengthen working families. Anchored by UFCW, we are a coalition of Walmart associates, union members, small business owners, religious leaders, women’s advocacy groups, community groups, multi-ethnic coalitions, elected officials, and ordinary citizens who believe that changing Walmart is vital for the future of our country.”

3) #TPP – This hashtag is a catch-all for a broad swath of interests who disfavor, in most cases, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It is mentioned in the context of these discussions by the Teamsters in four Tweets.

4) #ALECExposed – This hashtag is referenced three times by the AFL-CIO and the Teamsters. According to the Twitter account for this effort: ” A project of the Center for Media and Democracy @PRwatch exposing the American Legislative Exchange Council”. The Council (ALEC) styles itself as a non-partisan organization with a mission to: “The American Legislative Exchange Council works to advance the fundamental principles of free-market enterprise, limited government, and federalism at the state level through a nonpartisan public-private partnership of America’s state legislators, members of the private sector and the general public.”

Click here for the current week Union Watch report: Union Watch for December 3 2013


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