Union Watch – January 2014

Happy New Year, America. 2014 starts strong with high levels of union activism on display in the Twitter stream.

This weekly review captures the social media discussion at a point in time. It is the intent of the author not to offer his opinion but to simply report these discussions as they occur, and to offer pointers to important trends and relationships found within them. Four Twitter accounts are tracked for purposes of this review.

These include:

  • Jobs With Justice
  • SEIU
  • Teamsters

These results are captured in the Union Watch report linked below.

  1. #1u  – New trends or hashtags that I am tracking this month include #1u, (i.e. One Union)  For anyone interested in that state of the unions, this is the go to hashtag. It is widely referenced across, seemingly, all unions and for a host of concerns.  It is mentioned by all sampled entities for a total of 19 mentions out of a sample size of 80.
  2. #TimeIsNow – This hashtag is dedicated to capturing concerns on immigration reform. This is a hot topic for the Obama administration and their concern is, apparently, shared by the AFL-CIO and SEIU. This tag occurs eight times in the sample of 80 Tweets.There are four important trends from this past month I am reporting on in this discussion:
  3. #Fast4Families – This hashtag is still active, but greatly reduced from December’s report.  AFL-CIO does not mention this hashtag  in their sample and SEIU mentions drop from 14 occurrences to two.
  4. #WalmartStrikers – This hashtag is referenced only once, by Jobs With Justice, down from nine times in the prior month report.
  5. #TPP – This hashtag is a catch-all for a broad swath of interests who disfavor, in most cases, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It is slightly more popular in January compared  to December by the Teamsters. It is mentioned  in six Tweets as opposed  to four the month prior.
  6. #ALECExposed – This hashtag disappears from the roster of union concerns captured in the January sample.

Click here for the current week Union Watch report: Union-Watch-for-January 2014

Key (Prior Month):

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