To Those Who Seek Liberty – A Reminder from History

Man is of peculiar mind, driven to act by myth to the exclusion of reality, even to death. As Ortega y Gassett intuited, in paraphrase, ‘…man has no nature, only history…’.

And so we are met on a ground, and at a time, where liberty in its course must choose its new heroes. Shall these be of pure heart? To err is to risk infamy.

Each morning I read history. This morning I read the following analysis written in 1941:

“More important, in these early days, is the development of the leitmotiv:
Hitler does not seem to have had much of an interest in practical politics. His object was not to propose concrete reforms but to but to implant in the consciousness of his followers a certain number of ideas which – through endless repetition and emphasis – would assume the character of obsession.”
~My New Order , A. Hitler

So let us be now men who deserve the heritage of Adams, Franklin, Jefferson and Washington. They were the greatest thinkers of their age, and the most courageous. Let us not fear to raise sword now to those who would seize on our failings as men to their own ends, to their own aggrandizement. Let reason, careful reflection, and keen observation of acts, not words, be your guide.

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  1. dave3200 says:

    Does this mean it’s time to “Lock & Load”?

    • It means that we must learn to look beyond the words of those who seek to lead. When you hear a candidate defer to the Constitution, look not at his or her position on that issue but to others they have spoken to. Did their words in those instances aver to the historical meaning of the Constitution? Do their actions show a clear respect for what the rule of law requires of them?
      As noted, the demagogue succeeds where critical thought ends. Those who seek equality must be willing to give same, at home and abroad. Fear is the great divider, and where left to run, the great destroyer. We must ever be alert in our own souls to this danger and act accordingly.

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