The Plan to Infect Castro with Cancer

Judith Vary Baker continues her story on how she became involved in a government-run anti-Castro cancer research project that began in 1962. In this segment, she tells how weaponized vaccinations were tested on prison inmates and then how she discovers the plan in which Lee Harvey Oswald will help deliver the vaccinations on a journey to infect Fidel Castro.

Buy Judyth’s book entitled “Me & Lee” to read her full history of the events, along with her documented evidence. You can also visit the official website called “Me & Lee.”

Part 4 to be aired on January 2.

Michael and special guest, Garland Favorito, continue their search for the truth on the Kennedy assassination with Judyth Vary Baker.


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Garland Favorito50th Anniversary of America’s Greatest Modern Day Cover-up

by Garland Favorito ( PDF Download Full Story)


  1. great historical story.

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