This one can only be assigned to the "Just Damn!" category. Did Cobb commissioners’ briefings on the Braves violate the Open Meetings Act? A “rolling quorum” practice kept taxpayers in the dark. Posted on  1/11/2014 9:59:00 AM by  Jim Walls Secrecy helped Cobb County hammer out a deal to lure the Braves from their downtown Atlanta home. … [Read more...]

Cobb Loves Cupid

Last night, after 15 days of the public announcement, the Cobb County Commission passed a 4-1 vote to commit generations of Cobb taxpayers to the relocation of the Atlanta Braves stadium to Cobb County, Georgia. In the first public hearing, the commission chair said "NO" to a referendum. People from around the county packed the auditorium, plus an … [Read more...]