Was there more than one Oswald?

Garland Favorito presented more findings surrounding the JFK assassination at The Madison Forum. Join us for Favorito's three-part follow-up. In part two, Garland presents evidence that there may have been "Oswald imposters" and discusses many persons of interest who later wound up murdered. Michael and special guest, Garland Favorito, continue … [Read more...]

What Oswald Told Baker Before the JFK Assassination

Judyth Vary Baker continues her conversation with Michael Opitz and Garland Favorito. In this last segment, she tells us more about Lee Harvey Oswald and why he flew to Mexico, why he did not go to Cuba, and why he never joined the communist party. Buy Judyth's book entitled "Me & Lee" to read her full history of the events, along with her … [Read more...]

How I Met Lee Harvey Oswald

Judith Vary Baker continues her story on how she went from Florida to New Orleans and became involved in a government-run anti-Castro cancer research project that began in 1962, under Dr. Alton Ochsner and Dr. Mary Sherman, along with others including David Ferrie, a friend of Dr. Mary Sherman. Through a series of strange events, Judyth, who was … [Read more...]

J.D. Tippit, Jack Ruby, Lee Harvey Oswald, and The CIA – Kennedy Part 4

Who killed Officer Tippit? How were Jack Ruby, J.D. Tippit, and Oswald connected? What other connections are there in the Kennedy assassination? Find out in part 4 of "Kennedy 50 Years Later" on The Michael Opitz¬†Show. Michael and special guest, Garland Favorito, discuss all this and more in part 4 of their special report on the Kennedy … [Read more...]