Byrne delivers clear message

Bill Byrne spoke at the Georgia Tea Party meeting at the Marietta Museum of History this past Monday (June 16) as he continues what seems an inexorable win in the District 1 Commissioner race in Cobb. Despite his deep experience in Cobb County government and politics, and the countless speaking engagements that are required to gain that experience, … [Read more...]

Sustainable Growth, Ballparks & the Politicians Who Love Them

[Editor's Note: Citizens of Cobb County are being told that building the new Atlanta Braves stadium will greatly boost the local economy. However, one does not have to look very hard to find examples across the country stating otherwise. Please review the numerous resources below before thinking it's ok to strap, at minimum, two generations of Cobb … [Read more...]

CGT Says Stop Spending on Braves Stadium

Thursday morning, Citizens for Governmental Transparency (CGT) delivered a written request to the Cobb Board of Commissioners to put a moratorium on public spending for the Braves stadium until long-term costs involved are shared with the public and pending ethical and legal complaints are resolved. Representatives explained that they do not wish … [Read more...]

New ethics case filed in Cobb

Chairman’s actions in Braves’ stadium deal contested. By Dan Klepal The same day Cobb County’s Board of Ethics dismissed a complaint against four commissioners for their votes in favor a new Atlanta Braves stadium, a new ethics complaint was filed against Commission Chairman Tim Lee. The new complaint, filed late … [Read more...]

District 1 Candidate Forum

Cobb Regional Republican Women and Cobb County Republican Party co-sponsored a forum for District 1 Commission candidates for on Saturday, April 5. Candidates for the District 1 Commission position are:  Bill Byrne, Glenn Melson, Angela Barner, Scott Tucker, and Bob Weatherford. Live stream of the debate is provided below. … [Read more...]

Citizens Express Concerns at 2nd Town Hall

Citizens for Governmental Transparency (CGT) held their second citizens town hall at Turner A.M.E. church in Marietta. Residents discussed their concerns surrounding the transparency of the Cobb County Commission's decision to bring the Braves stadium to Cobb County as well as other issues that will effect the county as a result. Cobb County … [Read more...]

Taxpayer group wants more say in Braves stadium plan

Larry Copeland, USA TODAY MARIETTA, Ga. — The Atlanta Braves' move from downtown Atlanta to a yet-to-be built stadium 12 miles away in suburban Cobb County seems to be a settled issue. But a group of Cobb residents at a town hall meeting Tuesday night pressed ahead with their demand for more transparency and public input in how – or even … [Read more...]

Larry Savage Takes on Cobb Commissioners

ETHICS COMPLAINT    -  Members of the Cobb County Board of Commissioners The following material is presented as a sworn statement in the complaint against Tim Lee, Chairman, Helen Goreham, District 1 Commissioner, Bob Ott, District 2 Commissioner, and Joann Birrell, District 3 Commissioner, all of Cobb County, Georgia. This complaint is made by … [Read more...]

CGT Seeks Government Transparency at Ga State Capitol

There is a time worn phrase attributed to Charles Dudley Warner to the affect that “Politics makes strange bedfellows.” An example of the veracity of that observation was on display at the Georgia Capitol yesterday. A “strange duck” of an organization gathered to address their concerns around the move of the Atlanta Braves from their Atlanta … [Read more...]

Cobb County group pushes for government transparency

Posted: Jan 13, 2014 8:16 PM EST Updated: Jan 13, 2014 8:16 PM EST By Chris Shaw, FOX 5 reporter - bio | email ATLANTA - Before the gavel went down on a new legislative session at the Georgia Capitol on Monday, a group of citizens made a call for more open government. Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5 The group of … [Read more...]