Kitchen Cabinet Controversy

Private Advisers to Public Officials Not New and That’s The Problem June 11, 2014 Kevin Schmidt and Justin Hayes In Tuesday’s Marietta Daily Journal, “Around Town” columnists Otis Brumby III, Lee B. Garrett, and Joe Kirby expanded on their recent discussion of our reporting on Cobb Chairman Tim Lee’s “kitchen cabinet.” The authors essentially … [Read more...]

Cobb’s embarrassing handout hits the finish line

By Jeff Schultz - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution The difference between what happened Tuesday night in a Cobb County meeting room and what happens 162 days a year in a baseball season is the Braves never had to face an opponent. Imagine if it always worked that way. They would never lose. The Braves will get their new stadium in Cobb … [Read more...]

Cobb BOC Votes YES on $397,000,000

Go Braves! Go Cobb County Board of Commissioners! Home run for who?... … [Read more...]

Cobb County Commission: Abuse of Power?

It has been an interesting fortnight. Two weeks, or so, ago I learned along with the public at large of the Cobb Commissions' plan to sign the county up for housing the new Brave’s Stadium. In the intervening days, I have attended three events where the popular opinion was evenly divided between those who want the stadium project to move ahead, and … [Read more...]