Bob Barr Exposes Gun Control by Stealth Bob Barr recently spoke to the Madison Forum on how administrations, especially this Administration, use federal agencies and other methods to enact gun controls without Congress and completely bypass the legislative process. He outlined, in depth, ten ways they have used to erode the 2nd Amendment since taking … [Read more...]

Sheriff Joe Supports Bob Barr for Congress

Sheriff Joe Arpaio talks to Michael Opitz about why he supports Bob Barr for congress, what drives his passion, and why he formed his Cold Case Posse investigation of President Obama's eligibility. Learn more about Bob Barr at: … [Read more...]

Bob Barr 2nd and 4, Scores on Bill of Rights

Bob Barr, candidate for Georgia District 11 U.S. House of Representatives 2014 election, scores big on the Bill of Rights 2nd and 4th Amendments; plus NSA, Edward Snowden, CALEA, and more. Podcast SUBSCRIBE … [Read more...]

Bob ‘Bulldog’ Barr Says Stop Bullying

  I had the pleasure of joining Bob "Bulldog" Barr yesterday at the gates of the Kennesaw National Battlefield north of Atlanta, GA, where he was joined by Carolyn Cosby, organizer for the Canton Tea Party, and many other patriots. Bob is a local hero not just for his words today but for his years of steady assault on too big, too … [Read more...]