Sunshine Can Peek Through a Wee Hole

A vote will be taken today (November 26) by the Cobb County Commission on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Atlanta Braves organization. This action will culminate a two week whirlwind of activity undertaken by this public-private coalition. The rapid fire actions by the Cobb Commission were strategically driven as they seek to avoid a protracted review of these actions by the public.

This vote will tell a story. Not so much regarding the prospects for building a new stadium and relocating the Atlanta Braves, but about the trust the citizens of Cobb can place in their current Commission members.

Yesterday we saw a high profile fraud action reaffirmed against ex-Commissioner Kevin Kenerly of Gwinnett County on charges of accepting a $1 million dollar bribe for purposes of criminally directing decisions on behalf of real estate investors. Today, we see the Cobb Commission acting in a manner intended to obscure their purposes.  Can this be good and prudent government?

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