Senate 2014:Phil Gingrey in trouble?

From the Daily Kos, November 20, 2013

“GA-Sen: I don’t usually link to campaign staff turnover stories, mostly because it’s far too easy to misread them. But when four of your aides—including your general consultant, your campaign manager, and your political director—all bail at once, there’s no way that’s good news. And that’s exactly what happened on Monday to GOP Rep. Phil Gingrey, who is running in a very crowded primary for Georgia’s open Senate seat. There isn’t much dirt, here, though: The GC, Chip Lake, is chalking up the departure to a “fundamental disagreement on the vision on what the campaign needed to do to succeed.”

Regardless of the real reason, Gingrey now has to start over without any top staffers, which is no easy thing to do in the middle of a hotly contested race. Lake says he thinks Gingrey will stay in, but if he quits or stumbles as a result of this development, Rep. Paul Broun is the most likely to benefit, as he and Gingrey have both been striving hardest for the tea party vote.”

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