Revised Sign Ordinance in Cherokee Violates Free Speech

Cherokee County Republican Party Chair, Rick Davies, spoke to a very engaged crowd at Jack Staver’s Northwest Georgia 912 Project on November 5, 2015. Rick explained what’s happening in Cherokee County with a revised sign ordinance that restricts when signs can be put out and of particular concern is that it does not distinguish between public right-of-way and private property and cannot differentiate based on the speech. The ordinance also allows marshals to enter privately-owned property and remove signs from that property without the owner’s knowledge or permission.

You should not have the ability to tell someone what they can and can’t do on their private property. ~Rick Davies

When Davies asked general council and another lawyer on the executive board to review the ordinance, it was determined that the ordinance was “completely unconstitutional” and would have a “chilling effect” on free speech.

…”completely unconstitutional” and would have
a “chilling effect” on free speech.

Davies plans to present all concerns regarding this ordinance to the Cherokee County Commission and ask them to either remove the revised ordinance or revise the ordinance. If the commissions are not cooperative in doing so,  the Cherokee County Republican Party will pursue legal action. He invited the Libertarian and Democrat party chairs to join him in rectifying this violation to citizens’ first amendment rights. All citizens and political affiliations are welcomed to participate in this effort as well.

Davies recommended that people in all counties be mindful of what’s happening in their local government. He also reiterated, as did the other two speakers, that unelected ‘officials’ who cannot be held accountable by voting citizens are creating laws that can put those same citizens in jail.

Watch the other two speakers at this NW Georgia 912 Project meeting:

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