Packed House for Constitutional Convention Debate

Last Wednesday at Cherokee Cattle Company, Jack Staver and the Northwest Georgia 912 Project expected a small crowd to show up for a debate on whether or not a Constitutional Convention (Article 5 Convention, Con Con) would be good for our country. It was a welcomed, and unexpected, surprise to have a full house of very well-informed citizens show up.

Lance Lamberton of Cobb Taxpayers Association defended a pro-Con Con position, while Publius Huldah, a retired lawyer, stood firmly against it. After their opening statements, the audience was welcomed to question Lance and Publius directly. The debates and questions were very insightful and very passionate at times. It is our hope that this conversation continues since it will determine the future of our nation. We invite you to watch the full recorded debate here:

Thanks to Jan Horne and Kim Strawn for video footage. Video production by Jan Horne.

Kim Strawn About Kim Strawn

Daughter, wife, mother, grandmother and citizen who seeks to learn the Truth, no matter how disturbing, and pass on that knowledge to those who are ready and willing to listen.


  1. “Concerned citizen and mother who doesn’t ever want to have to explain to her grandchildren what is was like to be free.”……I don’t plan on being alive if that day ever comes. Give me liberty or give me death…

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