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Hans Rosling

Hans Rosling does a great job in this one hour show, “Don’t Panic – The Facts About Population”, of bringing fact to the fiction that is modern perception around population and progress. The show brings sharp focus to the global regions most challenged by growing population. This is important fact that each of you should know as you think and plan for the days ahead. (Play show on Vimeo at: http://bit.ly/1eiuZkE)

Implicitly, this should bring forward in your mind what the flip side of the growth curve means, also. The Americas will see small or no growth over the balance of the lives of the readers. This implies that to seek a growing prospectus for financial wealth we must look east, or move within our own fishbowl towards the top. Europe faces a similar fate.

Africa and Asia face the distinct challenges, but not without significant cause for hope. The people of Asia have largely recognized the opportunity to advance their material well being. In Africa, we see the first green shoots of recognition. But Africa will be most challenged owing the great leap in education needed.

One of the closing discussions centers on climate change. It follows the popular concern around warming. In my opinion this dismisses the greater risk. The great and destroying black swan we should fear is to see a continuation of this year’s record cold. We can only hope that Al Gore is right.  A warming globe may be able to continually sustain crop yields for a steady state 10 billion person plus globe, that is into the decades that will form our grandchildren’s lives. A sharp cooling period, even for a short period of years, could mean starvation on a scale not experienced on Earth before.

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