Obama’s Mad Middle East Policy

The Obama Administration’s blindness to the dangers of political, not just jihadist, Islam has led it pursue Lear-like insane domestic and foreign policies regarding Islam and the Middle East.

Dr. Tim Furnish brings expert knowledge to bear on American foreign policy and Islam. He begins his discussion with a look back at the first actions of the Obama Administration as it sought a new beginning with the Muslim world in Cairo. Moving forward in time Dr. Furnish describes the almost bizarre approach attorney general, Eric Holder, has adopted in his reinterpretation of investigative methods related to immigration and explains a chilling tale of how puerile his policy becomes as it ascribes to the religion of Islam and its people a “racial” protection.

Dr. Furnish brings forward strong arguments to explain what actions will be needed to “cage” the wolf of radical Islam, and makes clear where the responsibility for this effort lies. Join us and learn new perspectives on Islam and its place in the modern world.

Tim Furnish About Tim Furnish

Dr. Timothy Furnish has three decades of education and experience in the history, religion, culture, politics and geo-politics of the Islamic world. He served in the U.S. 101st Airborne unit as an Arabic Interrogator, and then Chaplain. Former academic positions include Asst. Professor at Georgia Perimeter College and Guest Lecturer at the Joint Special Operations University. He is the author of two books.

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