Michael Williams, Candidate for Georgia Governor


Michael Williams, candidate for Georgia Governor, spoke at the Madison Forum on August 14, 2017. Williams spoke about his family, his childhood, and how his father’s advice on investing eventually led him to become a successful entrepreneur and then on to Georgia politics. With a background as a CPA and elected Georgia Senator, Williams shared his firsthand experience in Georgia government as well as his research findings on stacks of Georgia audit reports, stating that, if these audit reports were to be issued to publicly-traded companies, the CEO and/or the CFO would be fired almost immediately and people could go to jail. Unfortunately, Williams stated that this is not what happens in Georgia government and said it’s time to start holding elected officials accountable. He spent much of the luncheon answering questions from Madison Forum members.

Although the Madison Forum does not endorse candidates, candidates are invited to speak so that members can interview them and make informed voting decisions.

Get more information about Michael Williams at WilliamsGeorgia.com.

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