Josh McKoon, Candidate for Georgia Secretary of State


On July, 07, 2017, Josh McKoon, candidate for Georgia Secretary of State, spoke to the Madison Forum in Marietta, Georgia. McKoon briefly spoke about his background and why he is running for Georgia Secretary of State. He shared how optimistic he is about the 2018 elections because Georgia voters will have a tremendous opportunity to elect candidates who can bring transformational change to leadership positions in Georgia state government.

“I want Georgia to be the fastest state in the nation
for someone to be able to get a job
and I want it to be the hardest state in the nation
for someone to cast an illegal vote.”

He went on to talk about Georgia elections, licensing, and corporations. While doing so, he touched upon topics such as immigration, English as the official language of Georgia, drivers licenses, occupational licenses, and how all of these issues affect Georgians. He went on to discuss the delivery of online services provided by the State and what can be done to improve Georgia government and make it more transparent to all citizens. The rest of his time was spent answering direct questions from Madison Forum members.

Although the Madison Forum does not endorse candidates, candidates are invited to speak so that members can interview them and make informed voting decisions.

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