JFK Conspiracy or 700 Trillion to 1 Coincidence?

Garland Favorito recently presented more findings surrounding the JFK assassination at The Madison Forum. In part three of Garland Favorito’s new findings on the JFK assassination, he talks about the relationships of powerful people surrounding the JFK assassination and all the people who were killed.

50-70 witnesses have been found dead since the JFK assassination. Six FBI agents, who investigated the JFK assassination, were killed within 6 months of testifying before the House Select Committee on Assassinations. Three top mafia bosses were killed within that same timeframe. Was the JFK assassination, and all the people killed since, a conspiracy or just a 700 trillion to 1 coincidence?

Michael and special guest, Garland Favorito, continue their search for the truth on the Kennedy assassination.


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Garland Favorito50th Anniversary of America’s Greatest Modern Day Cover-up

by Garland Favorito ( PDF Download Full Story)

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