Is Cobb Commission playing fair ball?

Cobb Town Hall Police

Yesterday afternoon, the Cobb County Commission held the second public hearing on the vote to build a new Braves stadium in Cobb County where police and hallway monitors made their presence well-known. People against today’s vote are only asking for a 60-day delay on the vote so they can do a more in-depth analysis of the proposed development. These citizens and coalitions, spanning the political and social spectrum, are not necessarily “for” or “against” this project; they are simply not willing to pass another bill before they know what’s in it.

The speed at which the public was made aware of the MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) between the Cobb Commission and the Braves organization, combined with their decision to not allow the citizens of Cobb a referendum,  paints the perception that the Cobb Commission is not playing fair ball with its citizens. When groups of people show up to press conferences in pre-printed t-shirts in support of an agenda that was only recently made public, it reeks of the shady tactics of other manufactured support that we’ve seen on a national level.

Is this a home run for Cobb County… or just another foul ball?

Phil Kent, of the Georgia Gang, tweeted the following today (see referenced article here):

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