Introduction to Ethics Filed with Cobb County

The recent ethics filing from advocate Gary Pelphrey continues the ongoing discussion of the appropriate role of local government with private business interests, in this case the Cobb County Commission.

A majority of Georgians, as witnessed by a recent Georgia College poll, do not agree that government should assist major league sports business interests in their development efforts.

This poll shows 76% of Georgians oppose the use of public funding for development projects such as the Falcons and Braves have undertaken. The error rate is shown as +- 4.4%.

Ethics in government continues to be a hot button item in Cobb County, Georgia. Arguably the most conservative county in the state, Cobb residents find reason to question the motivations of their fiduciary agents in local government. Georgians, and America at large, should take note of the interplay between the citizens and their elected ‘representatives’ in Cobb as a petri dish of experimentation in better government ethics.

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