How Iconography Defeated the Republicans

Although Bill Whittle of PJTV did this video way back in 2009, some Republicans still don’t understand iconography, the “magic” of Obama, and how he came out of nowhere to get elected. Whittle explains how iconography defeated the Republicans.

Do you think you can’t be influenced by iconography, sounds, color, or  subtle suggestions? If so, Bill’s overview of the iconography used in the Obama campaign will give you a brief introduction on just how sophisticated and effective imagery can be. Combined with big data and other techniques being used to influence consumer purchases and thoughts; including media such as fake news, advertising, sitcoms, movies, and late night ‘comedy’ shows; one may wonder just how much thinking is really going on.

Another clip that hits home with this idea is from Earl Nightingale in his series of videos on personal development from the 1950s. It illustrates just how easy it is to make mistakes based on information we don’t know that we don’t know.

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