Glass Half?

Climate change and its importance to the human condition is much debated. Two differing views are discussed in the competition for mindshare represented by the following papers. On one hand we have an economist’s view of the future, where our best guess at its shape is informed by our past experience. On the other hand we have an engineer’s perspective where we can apply reasoning from analogy, identify a point of failure as a nexus of effect, and surmise a future from same. As with all models of the future we can expect each to have some points of merit, and some points of weakness. I leave the balance between the two to you.

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  1. dave3200 says:

    AGW is the second biggest scam ever perpetrated upon the citizens of the U.S.
    Approximately 1% of the earth’s atmosphere is comprised of various “greenhouse gases”. Approximately 3.62% of the greenhouse gas is CO2. Approximately 3.4% of the CO2 is produced by human activities, worldwide. And, approximately 18.27% of the CO2 produced by man is produced in the U.S.

    What can be the rationale for suggesting that Americans could have even the most remote possibility of impacting the world’s climate significantly? Only a small amount of honest thinking would reveal how ridiculous the scam really is.

  2. dave3200 says:

    Damn Americans must be spewing more of their CO2 out over the Pacific…

    El Nino Odds High As Pacific Ocean Warms – gCaptain Maritime & Offshore News

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