Cobb Loves Cupid

Last night, after 15 days of the public announcement, the Cobb County Commission passed a 4-1 vote to commit generations of Cobb taxpayers to the relocation of the Atlanta Braves stadium to Cobb County, Georgia. In the first public hearing, the commission chair said “NO” to a referendum. People from around the county packed the auditorium, plus an overflow viewing room. Despite requests from citizens and numerous community groups, spanning the social and political spectrum, to postpone the vote for 60 days for a citizen review; the commissioners voted “yes” to rapidly move forward with this contract – all but one.

Lisa Cupid was the only commissioner who stood her ground on what appears to many as a deal that was pushed through way too fast. Although Lisa was only a blip in the mainstream media coverage afterward —the one who voted no–, many folks who were there thought THIS was the defining moment of the night. There was much love for this soft-spoken champion. Kudos to Lisa Cupid for standing on principle. She truly represented her constituents and is a lady of honor.

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