Change in GA Constitution Will Empower Unelecteds in Education

The Northwest Georgia 912 Project, with Jack Staver, was pleased to have Angela Bean speak at their meeting on November 5, 2015. Angela reviewed research by Dr. Mary Kay Bacallao on what’s happening in our educational system and how it is being destroyed by an ever-encroaching global agenda and unelected government bureaucracies. The 2016 Georgia ballot will have an option to change the Constitution of Georgia, giving the State, and unelected officials,  control of our schools.

SB133 & SR287

According to the Education Freedom Coalition:

The 2015 Georgia General Assembly passed SB133 that will allow state level UNELECTED charter school councils and an UNELECTED state superintendent to replace the locally elected school board and state elected state school superintendent – creating state run charter schools.

SR287 is the resolution placing the constitutional amendment on the ballot to allow this shift from elected oversight of our schools and tax dollars to unelected councils appointed by the executive branch.


Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended to allow the state to intervene in chronically failing public schools in order to improve student performance?

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Educational Freedom Coalition

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Watch the other two speakers at this NW Georgia 912 Project meeting:

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