#SPLOSTWATCH – STOP Wasteful Government Spending

We must stop unneeded collection and spending of taxes. Few actions of the citizen are more important than taking an active interest in the way government is spending your money. No clearer indicator of the problem is needed than the approach of the $18 trillion dollar threshold for national debt. In Georgia, State legislators have provided a … [Read more...]

CGT Says Stop Spending on Braves Stadium

Thursday morning, Citizens for Governmental Transparency (CGT) delivered a written request to the Cobb Board of Commissioners to put a moratorium on public spending for the Braves stadium until long-term costs involved are shared with the public and pending ethical and legal complaints are resolved. Representatives explained that they do not wish … [Read more...]

Record Success for Boots, Bluejeans & Country Music

Georgia’s experience with domestic violence yields sad statistics. In 2012 alone, 128 people died in domestic violence incidents in Georgia. In that same year, Georgia ranked 10th in the nation for deaths due to domestic violence. It was these stark numbers that brought together a record crowd to support efforts for change. 100+ Women Against … [Read more...]

With Friends Like This ..

Ms. Murkowski tries hard to thread the needle on this one but comes up well short. She claims that the interests of the Nation in terms of competitiveness is, somehow, served by dumping American oil on the world market - as if that by some miracle does not translate to all nations enjoying a lower price as opposed to ours, exclusively. And I make … [Read more...]