Josh McKoon, Candidate for Georgia Secretary of State

  On July, 07, 2017, Josh McKoon, candidate for Georgia Secretary of State, spoke to the Madison Forum in Marietta, Georgia. McKoon briefly spoke about his background and why he is running for Georgia Secretary of State. He shared how optimistic he is about the 2018 elections because Georgia voters will have a tremendous opportunity to elect … [Read more...]

Seagal Talks Impeachment Famed actor Steven Seagal, whose dozens of film projects feature action and violence but also have an underlying theme of seeking justice, says President Obama would be impeached if the truth about Benghazi was revealed. His comments came during an appearance in Phoenix, where he told attendees at the Western … [Read more...]

Cobb Loves Cupid

Last night, after 15 days of the public announcement, the Cobb County Commission passed a 4-1 vote to commit generations of Cobb taxpayers to the relocation of the Atlanta Braves stadium to Cobb County, Georgia. In the first public hearing, the commission chair said "NO" to a referendum. People from around the county packed the auditorium, plus an … [Read more...]

Cobb County Commission: Abuse of Power?

It has been an interesting fortnight. Two weeks, or so, ago I learned along with the public at large of the Cobb Commissions' plan to sign the county up for housing the new Brave’s Stadium. In the intervening days, I have attended three events where the popular opinion was evenly divided between those who want the stadium project to move ahead, and … [Read more...]

Is Cobb Commission playing fair ball?

Yesterday afternoon, the Cobb County Commission held the second public hearing on the vote to build a new Braves stadium in Cobb County where police and hallway monitors made their presence well-known. People against today's vote are only asking for a 60-day delay on the vote so they can do a more in-depth analysis of the proposed development. … [Read more...]