Cobb County Commission: Abuse of Power?

It has been an interesting fortnight. Two weeks, or so, ago I learned along with the public at large of the Cobb Commissions' plan to sign the county up for housing the new Brave’s Stadium. In the intervening days, I have attended three events where the popular opinion was evenly divided between those who want the stadium project to move ahead, and … [Read more...]

Merging of the Consitutions

My following article appeared on April 5, 1996 in the Cobb Chronicle.  It is always worthwhile to check on where we are to determine if we are following our map for the ship of state.  This analysis was originally published as a two part series. It has been combined for the convenience of the reader.  -M. Opitz  Part I "The United States Supreme … [Read more...]

Achtung! – Your Urgent Attention

Thanks to my dear mother for forwarding the below from her e-mail queue. I can always count on the family to notify me regarding ways to help indict the innocent and execute the unwary. Your Urgent Attention The following new law has just come to my attention. You will note that it applies to all citizens as all must pay equally for the … [Read more...]

Human Tsunami Alert

Frosty Wooldridge both informs and entertains you with his analysis of the “Human Tsunami” that is on our doorstep. Frosty speaks with both passion and compassion. His curriculum vitae reveals a low-speed global traveler who has bicycled the better part of the globe meeting and learning about many cultures. His plain speech on the challenges … [Read more...]

God in the Classroom

Let's start with the basics in several educational disciplines. First let's look at Civics.  The separation of church and state is not found in the U.S. Constitution.  It is, however, found in the Constitution of the former Soviet Union.  U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has publicly lobbied the point that because the U.S. is part of the … [Read more...]

Simple Math

An interesting piece of American folklore came across my desk today. It was the simplest explanation of the problem I have seen so I wanted to share it with the rest of you. Some things are just not that difficult to understand… Understanding how Washington manages money… US Tax Revenue: $ 2,170,000,000,000 Fed Budget: $ … [Read more...]

Bob ‘Bulldog’ Barr Says Stop Bullying

  I had the pleasure of joining Bob "Bulldog" Barr yesterday at the gates of the Kennesaw National Battlefield north of Atlanta, GA, where he was joined by Carolyn Cosby, organizer for the Canton Tea Party, and many other patriots. Bob is a local hero not just for his words today but for his years of steady assault on too big, too … [Read more...]

Virtual President Supports Guns

The Virtual President, as cast by Bill Whittle, reminds us that America has not changed. The essential ideas that moved the patriots' dreams are still with us today. The common sense that made the nation great has not vanished nor even diminished. Know that you can safely ignore the absurdity of the current governing class as their days are … [Read more...]

Common Sense on Global Warming

Remarkably, the Los Angeles Times has reported the current circumstance regarding climate change in a fair and balanced manner. Their exposition of the statistical framing for the observed phenomena is, from a lay person's perspective, useful and correct. The Times article notes: "The models had predicted that the average global surface … [Read more...]

Journalists Without Borders or Unbiased Journalists of the World

Many in the news media have criticized Roger Ailes, Fox News President, for communicating his thoughts and advice to GW Bush. Journalists or media reporters, perhaps starting with Peter Arnet, have tried to elevate themselves into a special class of people that here-to-fore has never existed. Many reporters, or those who would consider themselves … [Read more...]