Glass Half?

Climate change and its importance to the human condition is much debated. Two differing views are discussed in the competition for mindshare represented by the following papers. On one hand we have an economist’s view of the future, where our best guess at its shape is informed by our past experience. On the other hand we have an engineer’s … [Read more...]

To Those Who Seek Liberty – A Reminder from History

Man is of peculiar mind, driven to act by myth to the exclusion of reality, even to death. As Ortega y Gassett intuited, in paraphrase, ' has no nature, only history...'. And so we are met on a ground, and at a time, where liberty in its course must choose its new heroes. Shall these be of pure heart? To err is to risk infamy. Each … [Read more...]

The Real Dangers of Illegal Immigration

What America will look like in 2050—human flood By Frosty Wooldridge Does anyone in the United States understand or comprehend what America will look like in 2050 “IF” we continue endless immigration into our country? Does any leader possess an inkling of the ramifications of adding the projected 100 million immigrants, their kids and … [Read more...]

Today Snowden, Tomorrow You

Whether you believe Edward Snowden should be prosecuted, executed, or praised as a hero; please ask yourself, "Where is the line that good men cross to prevent the triumph of evil?" Edward Snowden determined his line was when he saw Director of National Intelligence James Clapper directly lie, under oath, to congress and get away with it. Now, … [Read more...]

Tiptoe (carefully) Through the Tulips

Pam Martens makes the most powerful argument I have heard to date against Bitcoins or its ilk. She looks to first principles regarding the intrinsic value of these instruments at this point in history. Rightly, she opines that they are not even a tulip mania but something completely apart. In considering her argument, I am drawn back to another … [Read more...]

Braves Deal vs. Cobb Taxpayer Risk

As the Cobb County Commission continues to move forward with the Braves move, concerned citizens press to obtain governmental transparency for Cobb County taxpayers regarding the public safety issues and other financial concerns. Larry Savage breaks down the numbers. The Funding Deal & Taxpayer Risk : As Simple as I Can Make It Looking only … [Read more...]

Obama’s Eligibility: The Final Word

by Paul R. Hollrah Locust Grove, OK In recent days I have been drawn into yet another debate over presidential eligibility, as specified in Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution. Given that Barack Obama has occupied the Oval Office illegally for more than five years, without so much as a whimper of protest from most American voters or … [Read more...]

Obama’s Mad Middle East Policy

The Obama Administration's blindness to the dangers of political, not just jihadist, Islam has led it pursue Lear-like insane domestic and foreign policies regarding Islam and the Middle East. Dr. Tim Furnish brings expert knowledge to bear on American foreign policy and Islam. He begins his discussion with a look back at the first actions of … [Read more...]

“Angry Black Man”

The Emperor chastises from Paradise. I swing my yo-yo in the cold ditch. I’m in arrears on my carbon tax. My Obamacare levy remains unpaid. I’m cut to the bone by a slipped stroke. I yearn for balm - But I’ve another $5K to earn before I can afford to die in the lap of hospitular luxury. I do their desire for a daily hire, and I die like a dog … [Read more...]

Sunshine Can Peek Through a Wee Hole

A vote will be taken today (November 26) by the Cobb County Commission on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Atlanta Braves organization. This action will culminate a two week whirlwind of activity undertaken by this public-private coalition. The rapid fire actions by the Cobb Commission were strategically driven as they seek to avoid a … [Read more...]