Who Is in Charge of the “New World Order?”

by Erica Carle September 5, 2010 NewsWithViews.com Who is in charge of efforts to bring about a "New World Order?" It is not George Soros! No matter how much money and influence George has, he never could be the chief organizer. He is part of it, but much more is needed than a single individual with a plan and unlimited resources. What is … [Read more...]

CGT Citizens Town Hall Livestream

Citizens for Governmental Transparency 'Citizens Voice' Town Hall series. Residents of Cobb County, who feel the Braves stadium process was rushed and lacking of transparency, came out to express themselves to fellow citizens, elected representatives, and candidates who attended. The town hall had some heated moments, but ended on a very … [Read more...]

Union Watch – January 2014

Happy New Year, America. 2014 starts strong with high levels of union activism on display in the Twitter stream. This weekly review captures the social media discussion at a point in time. It is the intent of the author not to offer his opinion but to simply report these discussions as they occur, and to offer pointers to important trends and … [Read more...]

First Note – On Banking in America in the 21st Century

As we prepare for the New Year, and the practical and political challenges it offers, it is reinforcing to the will to reflect on thought from some great leaders in our past. Popular in society today is an open and public challenge to the right of government to entrain a national bank to its purposes, be that purpose “federal reserve” or other. … [Read more...]

Our Changing World – Demographics

Hans Rosling does a great job in this one hour show, "Don't Panic - The Facts About Population", of bringing fact to the fiction that is modern perception around population and progress. The show brings sharp focus to the global regions most challenged by growing population. This is important fact that each of you should know as you think and plan … [Read more...]

Why I Run

Truths of nature, whether for man or the larger realm, are expressible as simple ideas. There are truths delivered of social science, to include economics, that are worth considering. In a whit: Specialization created trade. When one man's dedication to task made him a better hook maker his appreciative fellows offered part of their catch for … [Read more...]

Union Watch

Unionism in America has a long and storied history. Despite its having lost adherents over the past two generations American unions can be seen as bullish on their future prospects. The current administration is favorable towards unionism as is the Democrat party, generally. It is incumbent on the citizen to familiarize themselves with the plans … [Read more...]

A Reason for Mental Health Insurance

There seems to be no limit to the level of deception the Obama administration is willing to go to in order to sell the lie of Obamacare. Now the very industry on which the law is built, health insurance, is under concerted attack by the minions of decay. One of two certainties exist. Either the health insurance industry will be forced out of … [Read more...]

Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Whether in the political sphere, or sphere of existence, a wise man learns to question authority. This image caught my eye. It is the picture of what is guessed to be an asteroid in an orbit? Past Mars. We are assured that the observed object is, while novel, just a newly discovered natural phenomena. I guess it may be based on how you define … [Read more...]

No Brain Activity Detected

And I quote; “The goal of the new project, dubbed “Systems-Based Neurotechnology for Emerging Therapies” (SUBNETS), is to gather new information via more advanced brain implants in order to reach the next level of effective neuropsychological treatment.” Given our continuing experience with U.S. government bureaucracy gone mad, let me predict … [Read more...]