Byrne delivers clear message

Bill Byrne spoke at the Georgia Tea Party meeting at the Marietta Museum of History this past Monday (June 16) as he continues what seems an inexorable win in the District 1 Commissioner race in Cobb. Despite his deep experience in Cobb County government and politics, and the countless speaking engagements that are required to gain that experience, Mr. Byrne continues to surprise with each successive appearance. His eloquence, clarity of thought, and certainty of purpose were at a personal apogee in this appearance.

After telling a humorous story about ‘delivering clear messages,’ he went on to deliver a very clear message to those in attendance.

Mr. Byrne was passionate, and definite, in his purpose for pursuing the District 1 Commission seat. He spoke of the decline in public safety in the County in recent years, and set forth definite plans on how he would correct that decline. He spoke of wasted money, sidewalks to nowhere, the creep toward regionalism, and missed opportunities for negotiated benefits for the citizens of Cobb in relation to the development of the new Braves stadium.

Byrne stated he is dead set against the BRT (bus rapid transit) because BRT does not work and does not eliminate traffic. He was clearly disappointed with the four “Republican” commissioners who seem to have embraced an unbridled spend and tax mentality.

“The $400 million we are obligated to give the Atlanta Braves for a 30-year period of time; we’ll spend $700 MILLION to pay it back. That’s going to cost us approximately $20 million a year. The Board of  Commissioners have created three new revenue sources. Those revenue sources add up to $9 million a year. They are $12 million short  of being able to make their yearly payment. Where do you think their money is going to come from? Four taxes are coming.”

He continued:

“If you want to take back your county, you have a choice. My opponent who is FOR everything I’m AGAINST and funded by the Chamber of Commerce, or me, who will fight everything that’s been done to this day and begin the process of refocusing on our conservative, constitutional beliefs to find the means, and we should. The choice is clear.”

Mr. Byrne came across as the spirit and conscience of the District 1 electorate, making clear his commitment to protect the quality of life that drove most Cobb residents to choose District 1 for their home. When asked, he assured the crowd that his run was no subterfuge for positioning for the Chairman’s seat in the 2016 round.

His opponent, Bob Weatherford, was not in attendance.

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