Bradlee Dean Spreads Truth to Power Nationwide

Bradlee Dean is restoring America back to its Biblical foundation and proclaiming liberty throughout the land! He is the talk-show host of Sons of Liberty Radio, a drummer for the Junkyard Prophet band, and an ordained preacher spreading His word to both young and old in schools, tea parties, churches, universities, and communities across the nation.

We were recently introduced to Bradlee by Rob Cunningham at his home in Alpharetta, Georgia where we were invited to meet Bradlee and hear him speak. The setting was casual and filled with friends and family, where Bradlee spoke to us prior to giving his presentation. We quickly learned that this man is on a mission and that nothing is going to stop him. He loves God, loves our nation, loves his family, loves our children like his own, loves our Veterans, and loves spreading the Truth about God and the foundation of our country.

Bradlee’s special brand of in-your-face preaching of the Gospel is hard-hitting and insightful.

“People are afraid of about getting radical for what they believe, but what we’re dealing with is a radical totalitarian government that’s way out of hand.”

After speaking to us, he delivered the presentation that he delivers to communities across the country.

We learned that, during his presentations, Bradlee not only teaches the history of our nation, but also exposes some of the countless atrocities happening under our noses and how the establishment makes them “ok” by influencing our behavioral patterns using very powerful media techniques. By creatively demonstrating how easily one can be misled by subtle messaging, he shows how to recognize what’s happening and how to reclaim our children, our minds and our country. His presentation not only provides a message that our youth are yearning to hear, but also one that parents need to know.

Everyone in Rob’s home, children and adults alike, were so engaged that, before we knew it, it was after midnight. It was clear how Bradlee’s passion and energy are moving this nation toward a new awakening.

Bradlee is in Newnan, Georgia today at the Restoring Our Promise conference where he will be part of an amazing collection of remarkable speakers. The conference is a full day and everyone is welcome to visit any or all speakers. Video will be available at Restoring Our Promise.

Bradlee can also be found online. Check him out at these websites:

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