Bob ‘Bulldog’ Barr Says Stop Bullying


I had the pleasure of joining Bob “Bulldog” Barr yesterday at the gates of the Kennesaw National Battlefield north of Atlanta, GA, where he was joined by Carolyn Cosby, organizer for the Canton Tea Party, and many other patriots.

Bob is a local hero not just for his words today but for his years of steady assault on too big, too self-serving, and too unfair federal government. Bob’s challenge to the Administration was clear and worthy of his statesmanlike status.

Like most Americans, my opinion regarding the worth of our federal government has gone from bad to worse. It was bad enough when I felt they were the most important factor in the sustained malaise that has become our economic daily grind. But they now have moved from inept to truly criminal. The pretended shut down of the National Parks is designed solely to make Americans feel pain. The Administration realizes the real impact of the shutdown will be minimal on the working public. It will, however, serve to damage Mr. Obama’s hopes for an ever-growing government.

The litany of acts against the people of America by this Administration is becoming legion, and may prove the undoing of a president who seemed a true Teflon don. To name but a few:

  • A seventy year old hunter in Alaska, is pulled from the middle of the Yukon River at the point of a shotgun by park rangers as he and his wife headed out on an annual hunting trip. Is this our new reality Mr. President?
  • Five states, desperate to keep from further economic damage their citizens, are forced to find funds to reopen parks they had already paid-in-full for with their taxes. It seems certain the Administration will not see its way clear to recompense their double taxation.
  • No fewer than 25 citizens with an absolute right to enjoy the parks they had already paid for are fined and face as much as six months in jail for trespassing on their own national lands. Have you no shame, Mr. Obama?
  • Tennesseans volunteer to work and keep open their park,s but the Obama Administration acts to stop or delay them.

Mr. Barr, let me join hands with you and the good Patriots of Georgia in calling for an end to these obscene acts against Americans. To echo your words:

“We are here today to tell Mr. Obama, enough is enough!
Let us remind Mr. Obama, the Constitution remains open for business.
Mr. Obama, open this park.
Mr. Obama, open up America.
Mr. Obama, open up the Constitution once again!”

It is perhaps Mr. Barr’s last sentiment that moves me most of all. We have a society built on a foundation of laws. If this most fundamental of laws, the Constitution, is denigrated; no other law can have force. Chaos, is then, but one step away.

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