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Daughter, wife, mother, grandmother and citizen who seeks to learn the Truth, no matter how disturbing, and pass on that knowledge to those who are ready and willing to listen.

Change in GA Constitution Will Empower Unelecteds in Education

The Northwest Georgia 912 Project, with Jack Staver, was pleased to have Angela Bean speak at their meeting on November 5, 2015. Angela reviewed research by Dr. Mary Kay Bacallao on what's happening in our educational system and how it is being destroyed by an ever-encroaching global agenda and unelected government bureaucracies. The 2016 Georgia … [Read more...]

Revised Sign Ordinance in Cherokee Violates Free Speech

Cherokee County Republican Party Chair, Rick Davies, spoke to a very engaged crowd at Jack Staver's Northwest Georgia 912 Project on November 5, 2015. Rick explained what's happening in Cherokee County with a revised sign ordinance that restricts when signs can be put out and of particular concern is that it does not distinguish between public … [Read more...]

Alex Johnson Ramps up the GRA

Alex Johnson of the Georgia Republican Assembly (GRA), also known as "The Republican Wing" of the Republican Party gave an energized speech to a full house at the Northwest Georgia 912 Project meeting on November 5, 2015 where he discussed how the political system works now and how Georgians can reignite the true Republican … [Read more...]

Bob Barr Exposes Gun Control by Stealth Bob Barr recently spoke to the Madison Forum on how administrations, especially this Administration, use federal agencies and other methods to enact gun controls without Congress and completely bypass the legislative process. He outlined, in depth, ten ways they have used to erode the 2nd Amendment since taking … [Read more...]

Packed House for Constitutional Convention Debate

Last Wednesday at Cherokee Cattle Company, Jack Staver and the Northwest Georgia 912 Project expected a small crowd to show up for a debate on whether or not a Constitutional Convention (Article 5 Convention, Con Con) would be good for our country. It was a welcomed, and unexpected, surprise to have a full house of very well-informed citizens show … [Read more...]

Falcons & Braves Stadium Opposition Moves Forward in Unity

Monday, August 2, several groups came from Fulton County, Cobb County, and as far as 90 miles away, to converge on the Georgia State Capitol and let their voices be heard on the new Falcons and Braves stadium 'deals.' Debbie Dooley, of the Atlanta Tea Party, introduced the diverse group of coalition leaders and citizens who joined together to … [Read more...]

2-Minute History of Common Core

Nothing new under the sun... Kitty Werthmann grew up in Germany. She saw many things and has had a long time to reflect on history. Unfortunately, Kitty is seeing our educational system being morphed into something in which she has very intimate knowledge. In two minutes, she explains the origin of Common Core. (Thanks to Jan Barton for video … [Read more...]

Bradlee Dean Spreads Truth to Power Nationwide

Bradlee Dean is restoring America back to its Biblical foundation and proclaiming liberty throughout the land! He is the talk-show host of Sons of Liberty Radio, a drummer for the Junkyard Prophet band, and an ordained preacher spreading His word to both young and old in schools, tea parties, churches, universities, and communities across … [Read more...]

Today Snowden, Tomorrow You

Whether you believe Edward Snowden should be prosecuted, executed, or praised as a hero; please ask yourself, "Where is the line that good men cross to prevent the triumph of evil?" Edward Snowden determined his line was when he saw Director of National Intelligence James Clapper directly lie, under oath, to congress and get away with it. Now, … [Read more...]

Is Cobb Commission playing fair ball?

Yesterday afternoon, the Cobb County Commission held the second public hearing on the vote to build a new Braves stadium in Cobb County where police and hallway monitors made their presence well-known. People against today's vote are only asking for a 60-day delay on the vote so they can do a more in-depth analysis of the proposed development. … [Read more...]