Act Now! Georgia Voter Deadlines

Georgia Primary Election on May 20  ONLY 13 DAYS LEFT Thanks to the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) for the notification below. Put a date on your calendar to register to vote in the May 20 primary in Georgia. This is an important election as we have an open Senate seat, and eight House seats where there is a competition. The … [Read more...]

To Those Who Seek Liberty – A Reminder from History

Man is of peculiar mind, driven to act by myth to the exclusion of reality, even to death. As Ortega y Gassett intuited, in paraphrase, ' has no nature, only history...'. And so we are met on a ground, and at a time, where liberty in its course must choose its new heroes. Shall these be of pure heart? To err is to risk infamy. Each … [Read more...]

Commissioner Ott Takes Heat from Cobb Citizens

I wrote in an earlier column applauding the courage of Commissioner Lisa Cupid (Cobb County District 4). Ms. Cupid made a difficult vote in November of this past year when she stood against the other Commissioners, and with many citizens, in requesting a delay in the decision on the Braves Stadium move to Cobb County. This courage helped inspire … [Read more...]

Tiptoe (carefully) Through the Tulips

Pam Martens makes the most powerful argument I have heard to date against Bitcoins or its ilk. She looks to first principles regarding the intrinsic value of these instruments at this point in history. Rightly, she opines that they are not even a tulip mania but something completely apart. In considering her argument, I am drawn back to another … [Read more...]

With Friends Like This ..

Ms. Murkowski tries hard to thread the needle on this one but comes up well short. She claims that the interests of the Nation in terms of competitiveness is, somehow, served by dumping American oil on the world market - as if that by some miracle does not translate to all nations enjoying a lower price as opposed to ours, exclusively. And I make … [Read more...]


This one can only be assigned to the "Just Damn!" category. Did Cobb commissioners’ briefings on the Braves violate the Open Meetings Act? A “rolling quorum” practice kept taxpayers in the dark. Posted on  1/11/2014 9:59:00 AM by  Jim Walls Secrecy helped Cobb County hammer out a deal to lure the Braves from their downtown Atlanta home. … [Read more...]

“Angry Black Man”

The Emperor chastises from Paradise. I swing my yo-yo in the cold ditch. I’m in arrears on my carbon tax. My Obamacare levy remains unpaid. I’m cut to the bone by a slipped stroke. I yearn for balm - But I’ve another $5K to earn before I can afford to die in the lap of hospitular luxury. I do their desire for a daily hire, and I die like a dog … [Read more...]

Union Watch – January 2014

Happy New Year, America. 2014 starts strong with high levels of union activism on display in the Twitter stream. This weekly review captures the social media discussion at a point in time. It is the intent of the author not to offer his opinion but to simply report these discussions as they occur, and to offer pointers to important trends and … [Read more...]

First Note – On Banking in America in the 21st Century

As we prepare for the New Year, and the practical and political challenges it offers, it is reinforcing to the will to reflect on thought from some great leaders in our past. Popular in society today is an open and public challenge to the right of government to entrain a national bank to its purposes, be that purpose “federal reserve” or other. … [Read more...]

Our Changing World – Demographics

Hans Rosling does a great job in this one hour show, "Don't Panic - The Facts About Population", of bringing fact to the fiction that is modern perception around population and progress. The show brings sharp focus to the global regions most challenged by growing population. This is important fact that each of you should know as you think and plan … [Read more...]