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James is an IT consultant and solutions architect with decades of experience working on various major projects with Fortune 500 companies. He is also an author and editor for DecidingTheVote.com, a blog forum for politically active citizens and professionals.

Applause for AG Eric Holder – Big Data and the Frame of Justice

Attorney General Holder sees a danger in the use of predictive analytics in the pursuit of criminal justice, but only insofar as there may be racial, socioeconomic or geographic indicators contained within such data sets. These technologies should, in one sense, be applauded by those who pursue more precise control of government from either a … [Read more...]

Why We Fight

In his “freedom” blog, Rob Cunningham reminds what is at stake in this dangerous game of power redistribution within government. Earlier this week there was a widely reported poll that showed just how low the numbers for the Obama administration have fallen, with his presidency now characterized as the worst since the second World War. But … [Read more...]

Data at Work: Facebook’s Dr. Mengele?

Facebook is headed down a rat hole, it seems, in both a figurative and literal sense. The revelations that it has conducted psychological experiments on its, nominally willing inmates, leads one to wonder if, like an earlier mad scientist, they have lost touch with their humanity. These behavioral experiments were done in the absence of consent and … [Read more...]

Data at Work : Dave Brat’s $1,000 Earthquake

[Editors Note: Thanks to Rob Cunningham for bringing Steve Adler and his work to the attention of Deciding The Vote. Steve’s work was instrumental in ushering in a new age in American political strategy. Deciding The Vote was instituted to bring to the engaged citizen, and to the aspiring political mind, fact and opinion relevant to a changing … [Read more...]

#SPLOSTWATCH – STOP Wasteful Government Spending

We must stop unneeded collection and spending of taxes. Few actions of the citizen are more important than taking an active interest in the way government is spending your money. No clearer indicator of the problem is needed than the approach of the $18 trillion dollar threshold for national debt. In Georgia, State legislators have provided a … [Read more...]

Yazoo Presages A Modern Body Politic – Georgia

It is instructive to reflect on our history to illuminate current events. Early in its history as a state, Georgia experienced a corrupt coalition of government with business. The result was no different then than today. The open question for the reader is;  where do we stand in the eternal cycle of oligarchic control, recursion to democratic form, … [Read more...]

Introduction to Ethics Filed with Cobb County

The recent ethics filing from advocate Gary Pelphrey continues the ongoing discussion of the appropriate role of local government with private business interests, in this case the Cobb County Commission. A majority of Georgians, as witnessed by a recent Georgia College poll, do not agree that government should assist major league sports business … [Read more...]

Peak Oil and Political Strategy

Energy and its obtention remain a primary challenge for the development of political strategy. The article below provides opinion and fact regarding the likely futurescape for global oil. It provides a useful look at possible weaknesses in the Russian capital structure and how that may be impacting an opening of the region to foreign direct … [Read more...]

Agreement on Principle

EDITORS NOTE: The discussion below was redacted from an article by Michael Munger published in FEE. It brings forward important insights as we make arguments for cooperative exchange between private parties. Mr. Munger cogently notes that a false dichotomy was introduced into the rational discussion many years back and this falsity should be … [Read more...]

Glass Half?

Climate change and its importance to the human condition is much debated. Two differing views are discussed in the competition for mindshare represented by the following papers. On one hand we have an economist’s view of the future, where our best guess at its shape is informed by our past experience. On the other hand we have an engineer’s … [Read more...]