Applause for AG Eric Holder – Big Data and the Frame of Justice

Eric HolderAttorney General Holder sees a danger in the use of predictive analytics in the pursuit of criminal justice, but only insofar as there may be racial, socioeconomic or geographic indicators contained within such data sets. These technologies should, in one sense, be applauded by those who pursue more precise control of government from either a social or financial sense. As with any human pursuit, information is a key factor in reducing the deployment of personnel, or better directing such deployment.

Mr. Holder is right to be concerned regarding such misuse of data, that is to employ such technology in a manner that characterizes a person based on race, creed or social affiliation. This will, no doubt, come as a welcome policy change by those in the Tea Party groups, or other such conservative organizations as may have been targeted by some in Federal administrative justice functions.

Conservative groups would do well to engage the Administration to understand how it might provide supportive commentary or resources to help the rapid and full realization of these policy changes. Conservatives, and in fact all political stripes in America, should applaud the Administration where such applause comes due.

Read more about U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s big data concerns here.

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