Amy Bramuchi Still in Jail without Bond after Police Shooting

November 14, 2015 
Contact: Garland Favorito

Police Shooting Victim Still in Jail without Bond

FULTON COUNTY GA – Amy Bramuchi remained in jail without bond this month after two Superior Court hearings were cancelled but not rescheduled.  Her Oct. 7th final plea and arraignment hearing disappeared from the calendar and an Oct. 28th Motion to Suppress hearing was cancelled a day before the hearing when a prosecutor became unavailable. That motion contends police violated Georgia and U.S. Constitutional provisions in an attack on Ms. Bramuchi two years ago.

On September 25, 2013, Alpharetta police broke into the home of Ms. Bramuchi without a warrant and shot her 3 times. After awakening, she repeatedly ordered the officers out of her home. She even called 911 to ask why they were there and to get them out of her house. Still, they refused to leave and attempted to forcibly remove her from her home against her will thus creating a conflict.

Ms. Bramuchi miraculously survived three .45 caliber, hollow-point bullets that tore through her body and inflicted permanently debilitating injuries. Although she never harmed anyone on that night, the Fulton County District Attorney’s (DA) office charged her in April 2014 with felony crimes resulting from the incident.

Ms. Bramuchi was later jailed without bond after being accused of waving a gun at a new roommate who has admitted attempting to pick the lock on her bedroom door. No gun was found after “exhaustive” police searches of her home. The roommate’s statement, police interview and 911 call raise credibility questions. Ms. Bramuchi had no probable cause hearings in either case and appears to have statutory immunity from prosecution in both cases under a half dozen different Georgia statutes for Use of Force and Defense of Habitation [O.C.G.A. §  16-24-3.2]

Ms. Bramuchi has never been convicted of a crime or accused of physically harming anyone in the state of Georgia. She lost her home and her ability to earn income after being disabled in the attack. She has filed a multi-million dollar civil lawsuit against Alpharetta police in attempt to survive and recover some damages. She poses no threat to anyone and no flight risk that would justify bond denial.

Concerned citizens have helped provide publicity and legal aid for Ms. Bramuchi. They believe that continued bond denial is an attempt to jeopardize her civil suit by forcing her to plead guilty to a crime she did not commit so she can be released. A Justice4Amy web site tells her story and seeks donations for her legal defense.


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