Allen Peake Putting Children’s Health First

Georgia state representative, Allen Peake, is busting the medical marijuana myths and putting Georgia children’s healthcare first. Peake recently introduced Georgia House Bill 885 (HB 885) to allow the use of non-psychoactive cannabidiol oil to treat patients who suffer from severe seizures. Peake’s bill, co-sponsored by 80+ other representatives, would legalize medical Cannabidiol oil in a tightly restricted, heavily regulated process.

I couldn’t have told you how to spell Cannabidiol, four weeks ago. I had a constituent contact me and say I wish you’d look into this medical marijuana issue.”

What Peake discovered after doing some research was that families across Georgia, and the country, were seeking an effective medical treatment for their children who were suffering from debilitating seizures. After exhausting traditional medical treatments without results, some families were having to consider moving to other states in order to get a natural treatment that has proven itself to be extremely effective. When Peake met little 4-year-old Haley, it convinced him that he had to do something to help these families and their children.

“If it was my child, I would be moving heaven and earth pushing legislation to allow her to have access to this medical cannabis that’s seen such incredible results.”

Peake is urging people to take another look at medical marijuana and the research that is proving it to be a very effective treatment for severe seizure disorders.

More information and research can be found on Allen Peake’s website:
Read Georgia House Bill 885.

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