A Reason for Mental Health Insurance

There seems to be no limit to the level of deception the Obama administration is willing to go to in order to sell the lie of Obamacare. Now the very industry on which the law is built, health insurance, is under concerted attack by the minions of decay.

One of two certainties exist. Either the health insurance industry will be forced out of business as a viable private enterprise or a single payer fully socialized system will develop wherein no insurers are required. In either case the medical insurance industry is toast. Not to worry, that is only a half million or so jobs. That will hardly nudge the growing ranks of the unemployed in America which is orders of magnitude greater than this paltry sum.

So much for the Wall Streeter’s vision of sugar plums dancing round the emerging health marketplace. The extant question is what will happen to the substantial sums that insurers used to invest in the stock and allied markets? This may be the most painful unintended consequence of a health care law replete with same.

Redacted for the Daily Kos on November 19, 2013

Petition calling for a “crack down” on thise evil insurers

“…It is outrageous what private insurance companies are doing to sabotage Obamacare. Sign our petition telling President Obama that it’s time to expose and crack down on them.

Private insurance companies are scamming customers, hoping to take advantage of all the confusion around Obamacare.

Some are misleading customers by canceling health plans that Obamacare actually grandfathers in, and then getting those customers to purchase new (more expensive) policies. Without telling them about the alternative plans and subsidies on the exchanges.

Other insurance companies are just blatantly lying, selling new junk policies without explaining that those buying them will still have to buy real policies to comply with the mandate.

Rather than discrediting Obamacare, these actions prove why we needed health care reform in the first place. We cannot trust insurance companies, and must stop this sabotage.

Tell President Obama he needs to expose and stop this insurance company sabotage. Sign our petition, urging the President to take action now.

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